Kina Beach

The Kina Beach Reserve is a sceninc spot on the Kina peninsula which is situated next to the town of Tasman on the Coastal Highway. It's a pebble beach with sandy patches and not ideal for swimming. However, it's a great spot for strolling the beach and gathering its 'treasures'. Amongst shells from mussles and snails you will find skeletons of the area's name giver, Kina. Kina is the Māori name for sea urchin.

If you happen to stay at the reserve's camping ground directly at the ocean, you will be greeted with a beautiful view across the Tasman Bay every time you peek out your tent or window. To have a true Kiwi experience check out the outdoor bathtub at the beach front. Fill it up, heat it up with a wood fire to a cozy temperature and relax - true Kiwiana!

If you like golfing make sure to check out the golf course that's located on top of the cliffs - probably the most scenic one in the region!

How to get there

5 Cliff Road , Tasman